Carrie Blanchard: Pastor

Pat Currence Secretary/Treasurer -

Janie Rollins. Choir Director -

Larry Rollins, Musician -

Dickie Harper, Clerk of Session-

Our Local Governing Body: Session

Class of 2021

Dickie Harper

Madeline Hall

Don Mitchell

Class of 2022

Lisa Bratton

Mike Conn

Class of 2023

Tyler Bratton

Kevin Moore

Committee Chairperson

Tyler Bratton- Christian Education

Don Mitchell- Property

Mike Conn - Witness

Madeline Hall - Worship

Bill Hall - Security

Presbyterian Women
Ruth Harper - Moderator

Janie Rollins - Vice Moderator

Pat Currence - Historian/Treasurer

Men of the Church
Bill Hall, President

Charles Currence, Vice President

Charles Mincey, Treasurer