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Presbyterian Communities of SC

As we enjoy this Spring season, it's time to start thinking and preparing for our Mother's Day Offering that supports the Presbyterian Communities of SC.

We too can help bless older adults by supporting their mission to deliver holistic care, including mind, body, and spirit, to seniors in South Carolina. For over 60 years, churches and faithful individuals have helped maintain and strengthen our mission through their generous donations. We can continue our legacy of caring by making our gifts to support Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina.

While many of the gifts made to PCSC are in the form of cash donations, there are numerous other ways to support this mission. Typically, donors choose among these options based on their need for current income, their estate planning objectives, and their desire to obtain the maximum tax benefits.

Appreciated stock gives the donor a tax deduction for the full amount of the gift, and allows the donor to avoid capital gains taxes. It’s a “win” for the donor and a “win” for PCSC.

A charitable gift annuity that names PCSC as the residual beneficiary is ideal for donors who want to make an irrevocable future gift while continuing to draw income on which to live.

Naming PCSC as a beneficiary in one’s will or similar document is a way to plan for a future gift to support our mission without reducing one’s assets while still alive.

There are many other ways to support PCSC, including:

  • Life insurance

  • IRA’s

  • Real estate

If you would like to know more about these and other ways to establish your own legacy of blessing for the residents and their families, please contact Franklin Fant, Director of Foundation Services and Church Relations, at 1-888-842-4855 (toll-free) or 803-772-5885. You can also email him at